New Horizon of Data Security Through Cloud Computing

With advancement in technology and need of storing data on a safe and secured platform cloud computing has turned up the new gen solution to huge issue of data storage. From setting up on premise servers we need to understand how costly this affair can be. The enormous infrastructure and the capital utilized to get this working it is better to switch on cloud computing rather than physical installations.

As technology has advanced, the data storage has evolved from monopolized physical infrastructure to shared physical infrastructure. As per the client’s requirement, various computing models need to evlauated. Its important to forsee that, from personal to professional and from service based software’s to application based software’s how computing models became relevant in today’s environment.

Need of Cloud Computing

The clientele which used this models are banks, retail stores, logistics, Aviation, Automobile and Oil companies. With the boom in software industry, software’s used in Accounting, Finance, Sales ERP, CRM are dependent on cloud computing. Cloud computing is combination of cluster and grid computing, irrespective of location and time the only thing a user needs is internet connection to access his/her data.

Looking in the Past

With introduction of World Wide Web and the need to reach a larger audience, companies felt a need to market their concept through internet. From public internet to private servers everyone wanted a hands on to market their products within seconds. Third party hosts like Go Daddy, Dream host and Blue host became the pioneer of shared servers.

Emails, blogs, wikis, forums, chats, social networking and e-commerce websites became the power to content generation. A large number of data centers were established to store this content. Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Microsoft are the biggest market players in this industry.

3 Ways for Client Services

Cloud as a business has structured in 3 ways IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Each of them costing a huge economy. Cloud computing is flexible, efficient, cost efficient, accessible and scalable.

Synergy with Future

GIF Tech has implemented cloud computing and experienced the touch of future with its innovative solutioning for SMART campus. One infrastructure with effective cost saving and optimized solutioning has created a model user experience.

Audience Review

The audience was aww with this information as they are mostly software developers. This helped them to understand how the daily work is made efficient through cloud computing.